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Sewer Equipment Company of America


Family owned and operated, the Sewer Equipment Company of America manufactures sewer cleaning products used by municipalities and contractors all over the world. The O'Brien family is entering its fourth generation in the sewer industry and brings to the table over sixty years of experience.

The mission of the Sewer Equipment Company of America is to provide the highest quality and most innovative sewer cleaning products at a fair price. Delivery of the equipment is just the beginning. Standing behind our products after the sale using our extensive service network and our industry knowledge has led to the growth of a large and loyal customer pool. We believe that the consistent growth of this customer pool will rely upon our continued efforts to supply the best equipment coupled with the best service.
Our product line includes truck mounted sewer jetters, trailer mounted sewer jetters, easement machines, jetting tools, truck and trailer mounted rodders, cable machines, bucket machines, vacuum machines, and an extensive assortment of sewer tools and replacement parts.  Within this product line are several "Number One Sellers" including the trailer mounted Model 747-FR2000 "Rotator Jet", the Model 800-HPR Truck Jet (the "Machine For All Seasons"), the Model JAJ-600R Jet-Away Easement Machine, the Model RAMVAC-1000 Trailer Vac - Trailer Mounted Vacuum, the Model BU-37D Bucket Machine, and the Model WJ-49P Patriot Root Cutter.




For more information go to: www.sewerequipment.com